commercial roof consulting services
Commercial Roof Consulting Services


Roof Maintenance Systems is a full service roof consulting and preventative roof management firm, providing consulting services for: Roof Audits, Re-roofing Specifications, Quality Control Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, Leak Investigation, and Developing a Preventative Roof Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofing Systems.

commercial roof audits

Roof Audits

Protect your roof assets. Qualitative or Quantitative? Which works best for you?
A Qualitative Audit is primarily utilized for clients with multiple buildings, locations and/or roof areas. A Quantitative Audit is a more thorough investigation of your roof system.

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commercial roof re-roofing specification services

Reroofing Specifications

A properly designed, installed and maintained roof can achieve 30 plus years of serviceable life.
By definition, a specification should be specific to your project. A properly designed, installed and maintained roof can achieve 30 plus years of serviceable life.

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commercial roof quality control monitoring

Quality Control Monitoring

Let us be your second pair of eyes.
Assuring quality of your project. Quality Control Monitoring is one of the best protective measure to insure compliance with the roofing specifications, as well as to work out specific details with the contractor and to coordinate the roofing project with the client’s representative as it relates to the project from start to finish.

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commercial roof non-destructive testing

Non-Destructive Testing

Find what can't be seen visually.
The primary purpose of non-destructive testing is to identify and quantify areas of wet insulation within conventional low-slope roof systems. In many cases, non-destructive testing can provide a snapshot of the overall condition of the roof system beyond what can be seen on a visual basis. Roof Maintenance Systems can help you determine the best choice and value for your particular applications.

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commercial roof leak investigation

Leak Investigation

Where is the leak coming from?
All leak investigations begin with a visual inspection. In some cases, if seen while actively leaking, the source can be identified and no further investigation may be required.

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commercial roof maintenance program

Developing a Roof Maintenance Program

Extend the life of your commercial roof.
By performing a regular proactive roof maintenance program on a well designed and installed roof system, owners can achieve 25 to 30 years of service life from their roofs.

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