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Quality Control Monitoring Services

Quality Control Monitoring is one of the best protective measures to ensure compliance with the roofing specifications, as well as to work out specific details with the contractor and to coordinate the roofing project with the client’s representative as it relates to the project from start to finish. Roof Maintenance Systems has the ability to staff numerous projects at one time, including those where Registered Roof Observers are required.

QC Roof Monitoring registered roof observers commercial roof quality control roof qc monitoring
  • Full-time monitoring (on site whenever the roofing contractor is working)
  • Part-time monitoring (2 – 3 days per week to accommodate budgets that do not allow for full-time monitoring)
  • Provide assurance the project meets the requirements of the specification/details
  • Check the project for water-tightness on rain days
  • Work with the contractor to determine whether roofing will take place in the event of impending inclement weather
  • Work with the contractor to achieve the maximum production of the highest quality
  • Advise the owner regarding the path of the roofing project and work with your personnel to coordinate interior and exterior requirements
  • Provide a daily written report including drawings of the areas completed daily and photographs of typical job conditions
  • Coordinate with the manufacturer to conduct final inspection and close-out documents

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