Protect your roof assets. Qualitative or Quantitative? Which works best for you?
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Roof Audit Services

Any roofer can and will provide you with an estimate for a new roof. But if you are looking to find out what options you have with your existing roof, a professional roof inspection and audit is what you need. It will provide you with facts to help you determine if you should rebuild or restore.

Qualitative Audit

click for a qualitative commercial roof review summary sheet
A Qualitative Audit is primarily utilized for clients with multiple buildings, locations and/or roof areas. The purpose of this audit is for the development of a roofing program or to identify the overall condition of your roof portfolio and to develop preliminary budget costs for your capital and expense budgets over a 5 year period.
  • Develop capital and expense budgets
  • Identify exiting roof conditions. Repair/Replace?
  • Identify design installation and/or material deficiencies
  • Due diligence for purchase

Quantitative Audit

example of a quantitative audit for a commercial roof
A Quantitative Audit is a more thorough investigation of your roof system. This investigation consists of a walkover of the entire roof area identifying, quantifying and marking all open and deficient items. An AutoCad roof plan is produced indicating the deficient areas for ease in locating the items in need of attention. This audit can be easily converted into a bid document by adding the methodology of each repair. This, along with the quantities of each deficient item, allows for all bidders to bid the same amount and type of repairs ensuring the owner a fair bidding procedure with little to no extras.
  • Minimize the potential for premature roof failure
  • Extend the roof life by identifying short and long term maintenance needs
  • Protect your building contents
  • Provide a safer workplace environment
  • Database management

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